Our principles

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The Initiative for a Competitive Online Marketplace (ICOMP) participates in issues and policy discussion on the following key areas: Competition and Transparency, Privacy, Security, and Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs). These are the primary pillars on which ICOMP focuses. We are concerned that without ongoing vigilence these fundamental values are increasingly at risk given the growing consolidation in the online marketplace.

Healthy marketplaces


Advertisers, web publishers and consumers all rely on healthy competition in online advertising to generate online innovation and content. Online advertising will continue to serve as the engine that drives the online economy, but only if vibrant competition in this critical sector is preserved.


Internet and e-commerce will reach their full potential only if consumers are informed of the ways in which their information is used and are confident that their privacy will be respected.


Today’s online consumer is subject to a variety of information security threats, including hacking, data spills, malware and identify theft. Companies that collect and store personal data must take all reasonable measures to ensure it remains safe and confidential.


Intellectual Property Rights foster creativity, innovation, and growth online, by enabling firms and individuals to enjoy the commercial fruits of their hard work and investment.


The organisations and companies listed here express a shared commitment to the above principles and believe that a transparent, competitive, law-abiding and responsible Internet environment is key to the success of the digital economy.

We collectively urge regulators to carefully scrutinise industry practices and support in the online marketplace, and to work with all interested parties.

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