ICOMP’s members back Commission’s announcement: Google’s provisions not good enough

Today’s announcement by Commissioner Almunia that Google’s proposals fell short of an acceptable remedy will not shock anyone. What is shocking is the suggestion that Google ever entertained any notions to the contrary. More bewildering still (if it wasn’t so inevitable) was Google’s pronouncement shortly afterwards that its offer “clearly addresses” regulator concerns. Doublethink is clearly still … read more

Almunia heeds market and demands “better or improved proposals” from Google

Today’s news that Commissioner Almunia has rejected Google’s proposals will not come as a surprise to those who had analysed the offer, which clearly failed to address the core concerns identified by the Commission’s investigation. Commenting on the announcement, David Wood, ICOMP Legal Counsel, said: “It is reassuring that the Commission has recognised, as had … read more

Tom Watson MP says that, as users, we all have a stake and a say in the EC’s investigation of Google

This weekend, an interesting piece appeared in The Guardian from Labour MP Tom Watson entitled Google and competition: as users we can give our own verdict. Watson welcomes the admission of fault by Google implicit in April’s offer of concessions for market testing – not least because this admission will make things easier for UK claimants … read more

ICOMP submits views on the remedies proposed by Google to the European Commission

On 31 May 2013, ICOMP submitted its comments to the European Commission in response to the Market Test of the remedies proposed by Google in the Commission’s anti-trust case.  The Market Test is intended to help the Commission assess whether the proposed remedies are effective in putting an end to the anti-competitive conduct which the … read more

Google’s commitments: too little, too late?

Following weeks of speculation, we are pleased to see the publication of a market test noticeand look forward to the opportunity to analyse and respond to Google’s proposal in a constructive manner. It is vital to ensure that the market test is thorough and robust and is not simply an exercise to “tick the boxes”. As … read more

Google in last chance saloon

After over 2 years of formal inquiry and negotiation, the online industry is now set to have its say on whether Google’s proposed remedies will effectively end the abuse of its dominance, restoring competition to the marketplace. ICOMP welcomes the formal market testing phase of the Commission’s investigation as a significant step forward and possibly … read more

Google’s Offer Requires Robust Market Test

News that Google has submitted a final remedies offer to the Commission, recognising that change in their business practices is necessary in order to restore competition to the online market, is potentially welcome but certainly comes with caveats. Providing complainants and interested third parties the opportunity to review the proposals and offer their observations is … read more

Complainants to Commission: “only sanctions will reinstate competition”

Today, eleven of the companies which complained to the European Commission about Google’s anticompetitive conduct published an open letter to Commissioner Almunia calling for official sanctions against the company. The signatories to the letter, which included ICOMP Members Foundem, Hot Maps and Streetmap, voiced concerns that any settlement agreement would not sufficiently address the issue of how Google … read more

Consumers back privacy law action against Google

Almost three quarters (71%) of Britons believe that data protection authorities were right to investigate Google’s privacy policies according to a new study by privacy campaign group Big Brother Watch. 66% of respondents went further than this, saying that national regulators such as the Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK should be doing more to force Google … read more

ICOMP Statement: What’s required for a successful settlement?

“To be seen as a success, any settlement must include specific measures to restore competition and allow other parties to compete effectively on a level playing field.” “Any settlement must include explicit acceptance by Google of its dominance and that it has damaged European businesses through its anti-competitive practices.” David Wood, ICOMP Legal Counsel ICOMP is pleased … read more