A Cross and a Clove of Garlic

It seems that the saga of the Google Books Settlement has been dragging on for years. We may now be approaching the denouement. Hostility to the Google Books Settlement has been widespread, with its defenders increasingly isolated as the full implications and impact of the proposed settlement become appreciated. Four principle concerns have been expressed. … read more

ICOMP: Revised Google Book Search Deal A Massive Disappointment

Last Friday, 13 November, the parties to the US Google Book Search litigation filed a revised settlement proposal. The original proposal had drawn vociferous objections from the French, German, and US governments, as well as from authors, publishers, libraries, academics, and consumer groups across Europe and the world. Although ICOMP is still studying all 173 … read more

Google Book Search Settlement – growing concerns force postponement

The proposed Google Book Search Settlement has been generating increasing interest and concern on both sides of the Atlantic. The background to the proposed Settlement is a US class action lawsuit brought against Google Books by the US Authors Guild, the Association of American Publishers and a number of individual authors and publishers for breach … read more