Against the Goliaths of the online marketplace the law must stand behind David, says Reding

Yesterday the European Commission’s Vice President Viviane Reding addressed the EU Consumer Summit on the issue of enforcement. Ms Reding reaffirmed the vital importance of consumer defences, particularly in times of economic crisis, saying that consumer spending accounts for 56 per cent of the EU’s GDP but that its full potential could only be tapped … read more

Caught again!

Another day, another Google privacy breach. This time no less than 30 US states have taken aim at Google for surreptitiously collecting sensitive personal data sent over their WiFi networks.  According to a press release fromAttorney General Jepsen of Texas, they have not only fined Google, but they have also ordered Google to “engage in a comprehensive employee … read more

CNIL Continues Investigation – UPDATE

On 16th February 2013, France’s National Commission for Computing and Civil Liberties, (CNIL) announced that in response to Google’s Privacy Policy, it would be forming a working group “in order to coordinate their repressive action which should take place before summer”. The probe itself focused on the degree to which the Privacy Policy directly impacts … read more

Consumers back privacy law action against Google

Almost three quarters (71%) of Britons believe that data protection authorities were right to investigate Google’s privacy policies according to a new study by privacy campaign group Big Brother Watch. 66% of respondents went further than this, saying that national regulators such as the Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK should be doing more to force Google … read more