ICOMP on Google Android fine

Consumers have a right to choose. This has been denied them by Google through an intricate system of abusive practices aimed at locking competition out and users in. The Android strategy is similar to other Alphabet Google products under investigation: Undercut and dominate competition by dumping Android free of charge, tie and bundle Google products … read more

Fairness in platform-to-business relations

ICOMP calls for strong deterrents to prevent abusive platform-to-business relations: penalties or damages stripping the wrongdoer of its ill-gotten gains and personally targeting the responsible decision-makers with fines and criminal sanctions Unfair platform practices, often bordering on the illegally anticompetitive, harm all members of society, stifle innovation and employment and make European consumers and advertisers … read more

ICOMP calls for publication of Google proposal; EC prohibition decision

After recently issuing a prohibition decision finding dominance and abuse, the European Commission ordered Google to submit information within sixty days about its actions to ensure compliance. Google should have formulated and made proposals to the Commission by 29 August 2017 if it is to comply with the Commission’s decision as outlined in the EC … read more

Google: EC prohibition decision publication timing

PaRR asked leading competition lawyers when they expect the recent Google EC prohibition decision (Search Comparison Shopping) to be made public by the commission. Their 12 July 2017 piece titled EC Google public decision seen coming quickly – lawyers comes to the conclusions: Google seen keen to stretch cofidentiality process, delay damages claims Extensive negotiations … read more

Consumer Watchdog Calls on U.S. Antitrust Authorities to Act Against Google

Guest Post Consumer Watchdog For Release, June 27, 2017 Contact: John M. Simpson, 310-392-7041 Consumer Watchdog Calls on U.S. Antitrust Authorities to Act Against Google’s Anti-Competitive Practices After European Commission Hits Internet Giant with Record $2.7 Billion Antitrust Fine SANTA MONICA, CA – Consumer Watchdog today called on U.S. antitrust regulators to act against Google’s … read more

EC’s decision and fine in the Google case

ICOMP, the Initiative for a Competitive Online Marketplace, welcomes the European Commission’s decision in the Google Search Shopping case. Today the European Commission has reached a milestone in taking control of the Internet from the search giant Google Alphabet, giving it back to users worldwide and to a competitive online marketplace for all. More is … read more

OIP and ICOMP join forces

    Paris / Brussels The Open Internet Project and ICOMP are proud to announce that all ICOMP Council members are joining OIP in addition to their continuing ICOMP membership. With 20 new members joining from ICOMP, OIP becomes the first pro-European association, resolute to its commitment to fight any GAFA’s abuses of dominant position. … read more

OIP and ICOMP on Google “Shopping”-Case

              PRESS RELEASE Google Shopping-Case: The time for decisions, sanctions and remedies has come (Paris, 29th of November 2016) On the occasion of EU Commissioner Mrs Margrethe Vestager speaking at the French Assembly and Senate on the 1st of December 2016, the members of OIP Open Internet Project and … read more

ICOMP Impulse Event Brussels, September 15, 2016

Google’s Information is Power – Info-opoly Power from ICOMP on Vimeo. From the series of ICOMP Impulse events Google’s Information is Power – Info-opoly Power Keynote and panel discussion September 15, 2016, 10:00-12:00 AM Keynote speaker: Scott Cleland, Washington, DC, speaking in Brussels for the first time Scott’s presentation – “Google’s Information is Power – … read more