Internet giants must end anti-competitive practices or face being broken up

A guest post from ICOMP counsel Tim Cowen Internet giants such as Facebook and Google must end anti-competitive “kill in the crib” practices or face sanctions including being broken up, says think tank ResPublica The think tank, ResPublica, warns that the practice of buying up potential competitors is one of many problems in the technology … read more

Revisiting the Safe Harbour – Promoting Trade and Trust in the Digital Economy

The Initiative for a Competitive Online Marketplace (ICOMP), will be hosting a seminar entitled, Revisiting the Safe Harbour – Promoting Trade and Trust in the Digital Economy. The session will take place on Tuesday 24th November, 0830 – 1030, at the offices of Burson-Marsteller, in central London. Responses to the ECJ’s recent Safe Harbour decision … read more

A Golden Opportunity to Restore User Trust

The EU Court of Justice’s recent decision in Schrems, invalidating the EU-U.S. Safe Harbour—a primary mechanism used to lawfully transfer data across the Atlantic—has left both European and American companies reeling. Without the Safe Harbour, many everyday but essential business tasks, like reaching out to potential customers or working with business partners, have become mired … read more

European Court of Justice continues to grapple with online media issues

Judges at the European Court of Justice (ECJ) continue to grapple with online media issues. The latest case concerns when is a multimedia news outlet also an audiovisual service provider. The difference is important because the two are subject to different regulatory regimes. New Media Online is an Austrian company that operates the website of … read more

Examining the Digital Single Market Agenda

At the end of September ICOMP hosted a panel discussion in Brussels to discuss the Digital Single Market Agenda and which was called “One size fits all? Getting Europe’s tech policy right”. The panel featured business leaders, lawyers, trade organisations and a representative of a European Commissioner. In attendance were stakeholders from across the digital … read more

ICOMP Statement: CCI Charges Against Google

The filing of substantial charges against Google by India’s competition commission, the CCI, as reported in Indian and global media, represents a major step towards ending Google’s anti-competitive behaviour. It follows three years of detailed investigation of complaints in India. With competition authorities in both India and the EU now presenting formal statements clearly articulating … read more

Responding to Googlespeak: Part 3

Myth 3: That there are other specialized online services proves we’ve done nothing wrong. Google claims that the continued existence of other comparison shopping services shows that the Commission’s “allegations of harm” are “wide of the mark.”   Fact 3: Google’s manipulation of search results harms consumers and competition. The Commission’s SO focuses on the … read more

Responding to Googlespeak: Confronting Google’s Arguments

On April 15, the European Commission announced that it had issued a Statement of Objections (SO) to Google for illegally abusing its dominance in search, and that it was opening a separate investigation into abuses involving Android, Google’s mobile operating system. In response, Google issued two blog posts “strongly disagree[ing] with” the Commission and setting … read more

FTC Revelations about the Google Case

Most observers have long found the outcome of the FTC’s investigation into the Google case perplexing and disappointing, particularly given early signs that it was being pursued vigorously. Recent revelations shed more light on how and why the FTC got it so wrong. In early 2013, despite a clear recommendation to the contrary by FTC Staff, the … read more