EC’s decision and fine in the Google case

ICOMP, the Initiative for a Competitive Online Marketplace, welcomes the European Commission’s decision in the Google Search Shopping case.

Today the European Commission has reached a milestone in taking control of the Internet from the search giant Google Alphabet, giving it back to users worldwide and to a competitive online marketplace for all.

More is to come. Today’s decision is a precedent prohibiting abuse of dominance, which soon will also end preferential placement of Google’s specialised services such as Images, Maps, News, Travel and many more.

With the EC’s official finding of Google’s abuse of dominance in general Internet search and of giving its own service an illegal advantage, the foundation is set for any person or business affected by Google’s anti-competitive behaviour to file cases before the courts of EU member states.

Michael Weber, Chairman of ICOMP said:

“A number of ICOMP’s members are seeking damages payments from Google in court for its anti-competitive behaviour.”

This statement refers to European Commission Press release

Michael Weber


ICOMP is best known for its engagement in the European Commission’s antitrust investigations of Google, and is also following the actions of other Internet giants.

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