Celebrating World Intellectual Property Day

World Intellectual Property Day, which is celebrated on Sunday April 26th, is a reminder to us all of the important role played by all those content creators, from authors and publishers to film makers and photographers, who enrich our daily lives with their work. On this day it is important that we remember the vital role copyright and intellectual property laws play.


At ICOMP we believe the creative industries to be of vital importance to the future development of the Internet and digital economy. Indeed, the worth of Europe’s creative industries cannot be underestimated. Not only do they account for 3.3% of European GDP and provide employment for 6.7 million people, they also deliver enormous value in terms of culture and the arts. European creative industries are world leaders, from cutting edge entertainment in the form of film, television and music, right through to perhaps less celebrated sectors such as advertising and design.


Currently, intellectual property is one of the core values ​​of the Internet ecosystem but new technologies and online services can represent major challenges for holders of intellectual property rights. Indeed, a lack of competition in key online markets, most notably search and search advertising, presents a severe threat to the future development of the online ecosystem.


Intellectual property rights are the foundation for much of the content available on the web for authors, publishers, broadcasters, designers, musicians, artists and other creators. These creators, in turn, benefits themselves from the opportunities that the Internet offers to distribute and publicize their contents. Copyright owners and online intermediaries have a shared, long-term interest in promoting consumer access to legitimate sources of content and combating online theft.