A Golden Opportunity to Restore User Trust

The EU Court of Justice’s recent decision in Schrems, invalidating the EU-U.S. Safe Harbour—a primary mechanism used to lawfully transfer data across the Atlantic—has left both European and American companies reeling. Without the Safe Harbour, many everyday but essential business tasks, like reaching out to potential customers or working with business partners, have become mired … read more

European Court of Justice continues to grapple with online media issues

Judges at the European Court of Justice (ECJ) continue to grapple with online media issues. The latest case concerns when is a multimedia news outlet also an audiovisual service provider. The difference is important because the two are subject to different regulatory regimes. New Media Online is an Austrian company that operates the website of … read more

Examining the Digital Single Market Agenda

At the end of September ICOMP hosted a panel discussion in Brussels to discuss the Digital Single Market Agenda and which was called “One size fits all? Getting Europe’s tech policy right”. The panel featured business leaders, lawyers, trade organisations and a representative of a European Commissioner. In attendance were stakeholders from across the digital … read more