Profiting from Free, One Year On

One year has passed since ICOMP published Profiting from free: the scourge of online piracy and how industry can help. The paper, written by the author and journalist Andrew Keen, provided a detailed look at how content is distributed, consumed, and monetised in today’s digital markets. It looked at the new business models being developed by content creators to provide innovative and consumer friendly ways for people to access their content and also investigated the ongoing problem of digital piracy and online content theft.

If a week is a long time in politics, then a year is almost an eternity for developments on the Internet. To mark a year since the paper was published, and to coincide with an ICOMP event held in Vienna today which will provide a platform for discussion on these issues, ICOMP are publishing a short post-script to bring the paper back up to date. This short paper can be downloaded here.