ICOMP Sponsors CREOS Award

ICOMP has long supported and championed the value of the creative industries and we were delighted to be offered the opportunity to show this support through involvement in the CREOS Awards 2014 in Austria. CREOS is a biennial creative competition hosted by the Chamber of Economy.

The contest showcases the high performance of the creative industries, bringing together market leaders in what is also regarded as one of the premier networking events in Austria. The Austria-wide media coverage underlines the event’s importance and the high standard of participants and range of communications disciplines. All emphasising the vital function of the creative industries as a major economic driving force.

The growth of the internet has not only made content freely accessible to all, and often free at the point of access, but has also presented content creators with a myriad of new opportunities to share their creative work with consumers. While there is no doubt that these opportunities have been embraced, today we see content delivered through a number of different products and services, it is equally important to ensure creators rights are respected, protected and properly valued.

The worth of Europe’s creative industries cannot be underestimated. Not only do they account for 3.3% of European GDP and provide employment for 6.7 million people, they also deliver enormous value in terms of culture and the arts. European creative industries are world leaders, from cutting edge entertainment in the form of film, television and music, right through to perhaps less recognised sectors such as advertising and design.

For the creative industries to continue to be able to contribute in this fashion it is important to ensure the right environment is in place for them to flourish. ICOMP is committed to supporting the creative industries and providing a vehicle to engage with policy makers and others on the key issues affecting the sector.

At the Awards ceremony on October 3rd ICOMP will be the proud sponsor of the Corporate/Print Design category. We look forward to meeting members of Austria’s creative elite at the awards and continuing our support more broadly of Europe’s creative industries.