Google’s Invisible Web

More than two years ago the Article 29 Working Party, on behalf of Data Protection Authorities across Europe, concluded that Google’s updated privacy policy breached European data protection laws on numerous grounds. Throughout the intervening two years, Google has continued to illegally combine users’ data. Yesterday the Dutch data protection authority became the latest European … read more

Google Still Refusing To Recognize Privacy Rights; ICO Intervenes

Earlier this week, the UK Court of Appeal heard yet another argument from Google as the company seeks to avoid liability for illegally accessing personal data by hacking the Apple Safari browser.  But the case took a new twist this week, as the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) — the body responsible for protecting the … read more

Getting a Grip on Europe’s Concerns about Google

There is a lot of confusion about what action the European Parliament and some European Member States are calling for with respect to Google’s anti-competitive behaviour in Europe.  Some clarity is called for, especially since some parties seem to be interested in stoking this up into a trade conflict. First, it is true that the … read more