Almunia says that Google’s proposals are “not acceptable”

This morning on Spanish Radio, European Commissioner Joaquin Almunia announced that Google’s most recent set of proposals in the ongoing European antitrust case are “not acceptable”. In the interview he also commented that these latest proposals do not “eliminate our concerns regarding competition and in particular regarding the way Google’s rivals in vertical search – … read more

Google’s Privacy and Competition Violations and the Consumer Harm

Nearly two years have passed since Google announced that it would implement a new privacy policy governing more than 60 of its services. The new policy, which Google imposed on users in March 2012, granted Google the power to combine all of the personal data it collects from users across these 60+ different services and … read more

ICOMP Announces Results of New Eye Tracking Study

Eye tracking study confirms that Google benefits most from its proposed ‘rival links’ solution to EU abuse concerns An eye tracking study, commissioned by ICOMP (Initiative for a Competitive Online Marketplace) has revealed that Google’s proposed commitments relating to the display of rival links, continue to weigh heavily in favour of Google’s own services and … read more