If at first you don’t succeed…

As has been expected, this morning the European Commission announced it would issue formal requests for information (RFIs) on the revised commitments proposed by Google to “complainants in the ongoing proceedings and from all those who responded to the initial market test.” It has been suggested that some 125 RFIs have been sent out and the Commission … read more

ICOMP presents its new IP White Paper, written by Andrew Keen

ICOMP is proud to present its latest White Paper, entitled “Profiting from Free: The Scourge of Online Piracy and How Industry Can Help”. Written by the well-known author and internet entrepreneur Andrew Keen, the paper explores the implications of content piracy online on the economy, creativity, innovation and culture. On the internet, content is king. … read more

EU Data Protection reform – whither equal treatment.

The EU legislature is entering a crucial phase in discussing the proposal to modernise and update the EU’s data protection rules. A Committee of the European Parliament will seek a way to deal with more than 4000 amendments to the proposal on 21 October while the EU’s Council debated the proposal on 7 October. Although … read more