Business as usual for Google

Today the CNIL (the French data protection authority) confirmed what we had feared: Google has not made any meaningful changes to its privacy policy and still maintains its belief that, in spite of findings to the contrary by enforcers across Europe, it does operate in line with the European Privacy Directive. This refusal to accept … read more

Google must stop letting pirates aboard the “HMS Creative Industry”

Google is facing widespread criticism in the UK today for its “derisory” attempts to curb music and film piracy. The UK Commons Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee has urged Ministers to reinforce planned copyright laws with tougher sanctions against music and film pirates. As an organisation with a long-standing commitment to the protection of … read more

Transparency: a necessity in Europe

Almost a week has now passed since Commissioner Almunia announced that Google has submitted revised commitment proposals aimed at ending the lengthy anti-trust investigation. For obvious reasons, it is very difficult to make any clear judgement on the offer and, while we are hopeful that Google has submitted proposals that will resolve the Commission’s four … read more

Industry Analysis of Google’s Proposal is Vital

In an interview with Bloomberg Television yesterday, Commissioner Almunia made the announcement that Google’s long awaited revised commitments proposal had been received. Although he kept his cards close to his chest, the Commissioner was clear that he retains the option of returning to formal proceedings by issuing a Statement of Objections to Google should his … read more

Google Submits Second Proposal, ICOMP Response

ICOMP welcomes the fact that Google has finally responded to the Commission’s demand for new commitments. While we await the details, we must hope that after so much prevarication this time Google’s proposals represent a genuine attempt to address the concerns identified, unlike the previous proposals which were so manifestly defective and universally condemned. The … read more

Microsoft/Nokia: implications for the mobile and mapping worlds

The headline grabbing news that Microsoft is buying Nokia’s phone business has prompted a number of ICOMP members to ask what the deal means for the competitive landscape in Europe, and what it means for the Commission’s investigations into Google’s abusive behaviour. At first sight, their businesses appear to be largely complementary and there seem … read more