ICOMP Announces Videojug as a New Member

The Initiative for a Competitive Online Marketplace (ICOMP) is delighted to announce pioneering digital video content business Videojug as our latest Council Member. Based in London and launched in 2006, Videojug defined the ‘How-To’ video sector, creating over 60,000 films to-date. Videojug delivers video experiences that connect brands and engages consumers. As a consumer publisher, … read more

ICOMP’s members back Commission’s announcement: Google’s provisions not good enough

Today’s announcement by Commissioner Almunia that Google’s proposals fell short of an acceptable remedy will not shock anyone. What is shocking is the suggestion that Google ever entertained any notions to the contrary. More bewildering still (if it wasn’t so inevitable) was Google’s pronouncement shortly afterwards that its offer “clearly addresses” regulator concerns. Doublethink is clearly still … read more

Almunia heeds market and demands “better or improved proposals” from Google

Today’s news that Commissioner Almunia has rejected Google’s proposals will not come as a surprise to those who had analysed the offer, which clearly failed to address the core concerns identified by the Commission’s investigation. Commenting on the announcement, David Wood, ICOMP Legal Counsel, said: “It is reassuring that the Commission has recognised, as had … read more