Standing at the Crossroads

This summer, the world wide web finds itself at a crossroads. One path leads to a competitive and prosperous internet in which consumer privacy is protected, IP rights are defended, innovation flourishes and which will help fuel Europe’s economic recovery. The other leads to an internet which is little more than a private content-generator and … read more

Internet Behaviour Examined

The UK’s Office of Communications (Ofcom) yesterday published a piece of research called “Being online: an investigation of people’s habits and attitudes”, which looks at a number of aspects of online behaviour and examines how citizens and consumers use the internet and interact with online services. The research, undertaken by Ipsos MORI, found overall that … read more

Tom Watson MP says that, as users, we all have a stake and a say in the EC’s investigation of Google

This weekend, an interesting piece appeared in The Guardian from Labour MP Tom Watson entitled Google and competition: as users we can give our own verdict. Watson welcomes the admission of fault by Google implicit in April’s offer of concessions for market testing – not least because this admission will make things easier for UK claimants … read more

ICOMP submits views on the remedies proposed by Google to the European Commission

On 31 May 2013, ICOMP submitted its comments to the European Commission in response to the Market Test of the remedies proposed by Google in the Commission’s anti-trust case.  The Market Test is intended to help the Commission assess whether the proposed remedies are effective in putting an end to the anti-competitive conduct which the … read more