Google’s commitments: too little, too late?

Following weeks of speculation, we are pleased to see the publication of a market test noticeand look forward to the opportunity to analyse and respond to Google’s proposal in a constructive manner. It is vital to ensure that the market test is thorough and robust and is not simply an exercise to “tick the boxes”. As … read more

A dominant player and the public purse: The damage of Google’s ‘economic investment’

“We’re a key part of the electronic commerce expansion of Britain which is driving a lot of economic growth for the country,” claimed Google Chairman Eric Schmidt in defense of Google’s low corporation tax payments yesterday. However, the reality is that there has been a high price to pay for Google’s ‘investment’ in the online … read more

Google in last chance saloon

After over 2 years of formal inquiry and negotiation, the online industry is now set to have its say on whether Google’s proposed remedies will effectively end the abuse of its dominance, restoring competition to the marketplace. ICOMP welcomes the formal market testing phase of the Commission’s investigation as a significant step forward and possibly … read more

Google’s privacy invasions lead to yet another fine – when will the buck stop?

Yesterday the Data Protection Agency in Hamburg, leading the charge for all German privacy enforcers, fined Google €145,000 just short of the maximum fine of €150,000 for illegally capturing and storing personal data.  Google collected often sensitive personal information through its so-called Google-cars which drove around the streets of Europe and elsewhere to take pictures … read more

ICANN but you can’t – Google’s amended application does nothing to allay competition concerns

Last week, news emerged that Google was amending its controversial application to exclusively register the web extensions .app, .blog, .search and .cloud after it became apparent that ICANN (the organisation overseeing the transition of top-level domains) was prepared to act on industry complaints that this domain grab would be anticompetitive. As ICOMP argued at the time, it is clear … read more

Google’s Offer Requires Robust Market Test

News that Google has submitted a final remedies offer to the Commission, recognising that change in their business practices is necessary in order to restore competition to the online market, is potentially welcome but certainly comes with caveats. Providing complainants and interested third parties the opportunity to review the proposals and offer their observations is … read more

Google fails to comply with EU privacy laws. Authorities in six member states decide to take sanctions. Others need to follow.

Today the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) announced that at least six European Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) will take the investigation into Google’s privacy policy to the next level and are drafting sanctions. Following an investigation led by the CNIL, the so-called Article 29 Working Party found that Google violated EU privacy law and requested on 26 … read more