ICOMP Member, White House Exhibits Award Winning Artwork at the European Parliament in Brussels.

Last week saw ICOMP Member, White House being commended at the opening of the European Citizen Award winners’ exhibition, held at the European Parliament in Brussels. White House won a European Citizen Award for its work with the project ‘Colours’, displaying the many ‘Colours of Carinthia’ through the portraits of 50 people who have migrated from 50 different countries to the region of Carinthia in Austria.

The event was well attended by MEPs and politicians and was accompanied by the official handing over of the traditional Christmas Tree to the European Parliament, donated by the state of Carinthia.

The Civic Award 2012 was originally presented to Erich Kugi (co-founder of White House), Franz Tomazic, Karlheinz Fessl, Christian Brandstätter and Lojze Wieser for their work on the project on October 22, by the Vice President of the European Parliament, Othmar Karas.

Karas commended the team that worked on the project by saying: “The EU which we want is one in which people relate to each other, in which they take into consideration each other and support each other. This EU is one in which we listen to each other and ourselves.” Karas continued by saying that the project demonstrates “a different Carinthia’s image as one that often dominates the headlines.”

Vinzenz Stimpfl-Abele, Founder and CEO of White House said: “I am happy that our agency had the opportunity to contribute to this project which is affected by a positive, open and cosmopolitan thinking. And of course I am proud of the excellent job my partner Erich Kugi did. Respect and congratulations to the initiators and supporters of this rightly awarded project.”

Launched in 2008, the award recognizes the European Parliament’s exceptional commitment to a better mutual understanding and integration in the EU. The exhibition “Colours” will be on display in the European Parliament in Brussels from 27 November and can be found online here: www.coloursof.at