Consumer Focus Report: All that’s digital isn’t gold -The challenges and risks of the digital age

Earlier this year Consumer Focus, the statutory consumer champion for the UK, published a paper entitled “All that’s digital isn’t gold: The challenges and risks of the digital age”. The report states that search engines truly are the gateway to information for consumers who use them as the basis for decision making. As a result … read more

Online Businesses Feel the Chokehold

Online competition continues to be harmed by the internet advertising monopoly Google. Most recently Reuters reports DuckDuckGo founder, Gabriel Weinberg, as saying “it is difficult to make his DuckDuckGo the default search site in Google’s Chrome web browser, and that Google disadvantages his company in the Android mobile operating system as well”. Weinberg’s search engine promotes itself … read more

Online Copyright Infringement: New Study

UK Communications Regulator Ofcom yesterday published a large-scale consumer study into the extent of online copyright infringement among internet users aged 12 and above. The research follows a recommendation in the 2011 Hargreaves Review of Intellectual Property and Growth that Ofcom should start gathering independent data and establishing trends in the area of online copyright before its formal reporting … read more