A Glimpse Inside Google’s Antitrust Woes

On 29 October 2012, Google Inc. filed its standard quarterly financial report with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.  US law protects investors by requiring listed companies to disclose financial and other significant information on a regular basis. It is pretty standard practice to disclose brushes with regulatory authorities, investigations into allegations of unlawful behaviour, … read more

Regulators tell Google to bring privacy policy into line

January 2012, Google announced that it would change its privacy policy to increase the ways in which it combines the personal data of users across its vast array of services. Within days, the Article 29 Data Protection Working Party (Working Party) of European data protection agencies asked Google to delay the roll-out of the policy while it could be … read more

Google must respect individual’s privacy or risk destroying trust in the online marketplace

On October 16, 2012 the EU’s Article 29 Working Group (ART29WG) published a letter and accompanying appendix to Google CEO Larry Page concluding that Google is not in compliance with the 1995 EU data protection directive in any member state. It is a welcome confirmation of not only the illegality of the company’s privacy policy implemented in March this … read more

European Privacy Regulators Cite “Several Legal Issues” With Google’s Privacy Policy

Today , in an unprecedented move, 27 of Europe’s privacy enforcement agencies signed a letter to Larry Page demanding Google takes action over its treatment of personal data gathered from citizens across Europe, citing “several legal issues with the new privacy policy and the combination of data”. The letter confirms what ICOMP and many others … read more

ICOMP Announces Bottin Cartographes as a New Member

The Initiative for a Competitive Online Marketplace (ICOMP) is delighted to announce Bottin Cartographes, the French digital mapping company, as our latest Council Member. Founded in 1992 Bottin Cartographes provides detailed cartographic solutions to both businesses and consumers. The company provides these solutions in print, on the web or customised for mobile devices. ICOMP looks … read more

A Blog from Brazil

Many in Europe may not have heard about Buscapé.  We are the leading digital commerce platform in Latin America and members of ICOMP since [May] 2012. One company which has certainly heard about Buscapé is Google.  As is pretty common these days, we have issues with Google and have been taking legal proceedings against Google … read more