Online Travel Sector Faces a Significant New Challenge

Google has stepped up its assault on the online travel sector by announcing the acquisition of Frommer’s, the leading online and print travel guide business.   Frommer’s follows earlier acquisitions of ITA, the number one travel software and database provider, and Zagat, the leading restaurant review site.  These acquisitions are part of a strategy to leverage Google’s monopoly … read more

Do Google’s Settlement Discussions with the EU Tick all the Right Boxes?

At the end of July, the EU Commission announced that its settlement discussions with Google had entered into a “technical phase”.  ICOMP has been cautiously supportive of these settlement discussions, particularly given the possibility of a rapid solution and the assurances that complainants and other interested third parties would be closely associated with the process. … read more

When fines are not fine

Last week, news emerged that the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) was on the brink of settling charges that Google bypassed the privacy settings of customers using Apple Inc’s Safari browser by accepting Google’s offer to pay a $22.5 million penalty. According to sources close to the matter, the payment will permit the FTC to end … read more