BEUC urges the European Commission to scrutinise the online marketplace

In a highly significant development, BEUC, the European Consumer Organisation has published a letter that it sent to the European Commissioner, Joaquin Almunia. BEUC’s letter marks itself as the first consumer focused organisation to publically address issues of competition in the online marketplace. The letter itself expresses the organisation’s concerns that Google may have abused its dominant … read more

Sixty-nine Questions in the Public Interest

The French Data Protection Authorities (the CNIL) has published on its website the letter and list of questions it sent to Larry Page on 16 March 2012 concerning Google’s new privacy policy implemented on 1 March 2012 (link to CNIL site). The questionnaire is a remarkable piece of work covering a wide range of concerns about … read more

Industry Views, 19th March

The Telegraph today reported that a new “independent Data Strategy Board” is to be created that will work to advise the UK Government “on what data should be released and how it should be published”. According to reports, “at least a third of its members will be from outside Government” and it’s principle role will be. Techweek … read more

Industry Views, 16th March

Computing reported today that The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has published the response it submitted to the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) on the proposed changes to data protection laws put forward by the European Commission. V3 reported that Matthew Fell, CBI director for competitive markets, outlined the organisation’s key concern that the “EC’s proposed data protection reforms … read more

Industry Views, 8th March

Peter Hustinx, the European Data Protection Supervisor stated in a written opinion, that the European Commission’s proposals to reform data protection legislation leave many EU data protection instrument unaffected. As Techweek Europe noted today, the new proposals are “supposed to supersede the existing Data Protection Directive of 1995, which predates widespread Internet use, and will apply to … read more

Rock Stars Rock the House

Guest Blog by Mike Weatherley MP Last week Parliament was descended upon by rock stars and music industry professionals in a Live Music debate organised under the auspices of Rock the House, the Parliamentary music competition I founded to support intellectual property rights. The discussion marked a significant step in opening up the Parliamentary debate … read more

Today’s Industry Views, 6th March

Today The Guardian reported that MWR Infosecurity, the UK information security company had discovered that that a significant number of the most popular apps which generate money for the developer and advertisers by connecting to an American advertising network, pass on details about the phone’s user to the network – a move that may breach European data … read more

Voices for Privacy

Last week Google introduced a new, wide reaching privacy policy which now spans 60 of its online products. The new policy allows Google to combine nearly all of the user data it collects across more than 60 different products and to mine that data to sell targeted adverts. In doing so the internet giant turned down … read more