Google’s New Privacy Policy: Unlawful and Unfair

European data protection authorities and Google are on a collision course over the planned introduction of Google’s new privacy policies on 1 March. Writing on behalf of the all the other EU data protection authorities (united under the banner of the so-called Article 29 Working Party), the President of the French Data Protection Authority (the … read more

Google caught with its hands in the cookie jar

In just days, Google will impose sweeping changes to its privacy policy, allowing it to create detailed personal profiles of millions of European consumers.  When the Article 29 Working Party (the body representing EU data protection authorities) recently asked Google to delay implementation of the new policy while it examined its impact on European users, … read more

Google criticized for violating Safari users’ privacy by bypassing browser settings

Google has come under intense fire for violating iPhone users’ privacy – members of U.S. Congress are calling for FTC investigation Google is facing fierce criticism from consumer groups after it emerged the Internet giant “bypassed Safari privacy protection”, tracking millions of iPhone and other Safari browser users who intended for such tracking to be … read more

ICOMP hosts its12th Council Meeting in Madrid

This week, ICOMP held its 12th Council Meeting in Madrid alongside a two day series of external events bringing together stakeholders from across industries and geographies to debate issues facing the ever evolving online marketplace Over dinner on the first evening, the ICOMP Council was addressed by Jesús Rubí, the Assistant Manager of the Spanish … read more

Innovation in the Online Economy

It is easy to be over-awed by the scale of change that has taken place in recent years with regard to the development of online services. There are plenty of statistics highlighting the present and likely future contribution of online commerce to the economy. Looked at from almost any angle, the news is not just … read more

Bottin Cartographes : the implications

On 31 January 2012, the 15th Chamber of the Commercial Tribunal of Paris handed down ajudgment in favour of Bottin Cartographes (“Bottin”), finding that Google had abused its dominant position by pricing its mapping API below cost in the market for online mapping for geolocalisation of sales points on company websites. The case, originally brought against … read more

Google’s latest privacy changes cause concern in Europe

Google recently announced that it will implement a new privacy policy that will govern more than 60 Google products and services. The policy will allow Google to combine personal data that it collects from across all of these products and services and use that information to sell adverts. Perhaps the most alarming thing about this … read more