Search Engine Doublespeak

It seems that hardly a week goes by without one of the world’s biggest monopolies changing the way that individuals access information online, whilst causing controversy in the process. Last week Google announced its latest change to the way in which it ranks search results. Called the “page layout algorithm”, the latest modification is aimed … read more

What help do SMEs need to innovate online?

Support for SMEs is one of the cornerstone policies of the EU and European Governments. SMEs make up 99 % of all businesses, provide two out of three private sector jobs (around 90 million) and contribute to more than half of the total value-added created by businesses in the EU. They also play a key … read more

Is Google’s true nature emerging?

Google’s founding principle to ‘Do no evil’ has been subject to challenge for some time now, but the last few weeks have perhaps seen the most concentrated level of emerging evidence that its business practices actually fall very short of this altruistic claim. Since Christmas Google has been variously accused of deliberately obstructing an official investigation by … read more

Anxiety Plus – Google Plus used to extend Google’s dominance in search

Earlier this week, Google launched its new ‘Search Plus Your World’ feature which, as theFinancial Times reported, was said to involve levels of “unprecedented security, transparency and control” alongside a revolution in how users experience search. However, the alterations have the potential to cause serious harm to both users and other internet companies. In brief, … read more

Google to attack online travel agencies in 2012

Google Flight Search set to threaten online travel agents such as Expedia and Kayak Internet search giant Google has rolled out a new product, Google Flight Search, in an effort to get a share of the $110 billion-per-year online travel market. Powered by ITA Software, which Google acquired last year, the new Flight Search results … read more