Bon Anniversaire

A year ago today the European Commission announced that it was commencing an investigation into Google’s anti-competitive business practices; this marks a good stage to pause and reflect on the events of the past year. The EU Commission has received at least 13 official complaints from companies based across Europe to the effect that the … read more

ICOMP at FICOD 2011: the antitrust practices in the online searches industry

Andrés Font Galarza, ICOMP’s Spokesperson in Spain this week attended FICOD 2011, an international fair on digital content based in Spain. FICOD, founded by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade and the Ministry of Telecommunications is a trade fair that focuses on digital content. It also acts as a meeting point for the key players … read more

G8Plus Summit on Creation in the Digital Age

Last week the French Presidency of the G8 hosted a meeting of Ministers of Culture and Intellectual Property to discuss issues related to the future of creation in the digital age. Nineteen States were represented*, as well as representatives of the European Commission, OECD, WIPO and UNESCO. The French Presidency identified five major principles (which … read more

Structural Concerns with Google’s Business Model

Google has been under the antitrust spotlight for a number of years now. The European Commission and the US antitrust authorities are both deep into their investigations of Google’s business practices and many other competition authorities are engaged. Only this week, the identities of another four complainants in the EU proceedings came to light. One of the … read more