Lord Watson outlines the threat to the online marketplace in The Economist

This week Lord Watson, ICOMP’s Chairman, had a letter to the editor published in The Economist. His letter highlighted the various antitrust issues facing the online marketplace. The letter, which was published on July 21st 2011, is attached in full below. Regards The ICOMP Secretariat Internet competitiveness SIR – Your article on the antitrust issues … read more

Google vs. Belgian press – the saga continues…

On Saturday 16 July, Le Soir, Belgium’s leading Francophone daily newspaper, had a rather unusual front page. News of one long-running saga – the struggle to form a new federal government more than a year after the parliamentary elections – was replaced by another: the battle between Google on one side and Belgium’s Francophone press on … read more

Restoring Effective Competition in Online markets

Google is currently subject to what it should find a worrying number of antitrust investigations around the world. Much of its defence has so far been disingenuous (“we don’t understand their concerns”) or technical (“even a 90% share of search and search advertising does not make us dominant”). If and when these investigations reach the … read more