Seizing the Promise of Online Access to Books

On Wednesday, 1 June, a meeting will take place in New York that could have a profound impact on the future of books. The parties to the U.S. Google Books case — in which Google stands accused of illegally copying millions of books — will meet with the court to discuss the way forward in … read more

The European Commission’s IPR Strategy

How can intellectual property rights help to boost economic growth and competitiveness in the EU? On 24 May, the European Commission gave its own long-awaited answer to this question. Launching a Communication on its vision of a Single Market for Intellectual Property Rights, the Commission set out an overarching strategy on how intellectual property rights … read more

Hargreaves Review launches IP law into 21st Century

On 18 May, Professor Hargreaves published his long-awaited Review of Intellectual Property and Growth in the UK (the “Review”). The Review was initially commissioned by Prime Minister David Cameron in November 2010 to answer the following “exam question”: are laws designed 300 years ago to incentivise innovation by protecting creator’s rights no obstructing innovation and economic growth? … read more