EC announces formal antitrust investigation into Google

The European Commission today announced that it will launch a formal antitrust investigation following three complaints that were filed against Google by Foundem, and Ciao, which is owned by the Microsoft search engine, Bing. We welcome this decision, which acknowledges some of the issues stemming from online marketplace dominance on which ICOMP, its members … read more

Local Search Under Threat

Search is key to almost all commercial activities on the Internet. First, it organises information in a way that allows people to find what they are looking for. Second, it is the way most people access the commercial services they acquire on the Internet. Third, it is inextricably intertwined with search advertising, which funds many … read more

Online IP rights set for a make-over?

The British Government is casting an eye across the Atlantic to see what legislators can learn from its American counterparts as the Intellectual Property Office undertakes a 6 month review of IP law in the UK. David Cameron announced last week that Britain’s IP rules are to be reviewed to “make them fit for the … read more

Privacy and Street View: lapses and promises

Privacy is not an easy issue. The modern economy relies on enormous amounts of data, much of which is personal and sensitive (or at least could be sensitive if pieced together). The use, retention and circulation of that data is one of the most difficult policy and industrial issues of our times. All the more … read more