A call for greater transparency

A recent article published in the German publication “Welt am Sonntag” highlights competition and transparency issues that are a cause of increasing concern as a result of Google’s dominance in the industry. The article has uncovered that a number of companies have been harmed by Google’s anticompetitive behaviour. One such example is that of Euro-Cities … read more

This charmless monopoly

In the midst of a high profile and presumably coincidental charm offensive fronted by its chief executive in France and Germany, Google quietly made a change to its AdWords policy that will likely have unwelcome financial consequences for thousands of brand owners in both countries. As of September 14, French and German businesses are no … read more

Texas looks into the black box

On Friday, just before the US shut down for the Labor day holiday weekend, Google announced in its public policy blog that it is now subject to antitrust scrutiny in Texas. The blog indicates that the focus of the investigation is on Google’s search algorithm and its related business practices. Similar antitrust investigations are currently … read more