Google/Yahoo! Japan – What it really means

Yahoo! Japan announced on 27 July 2010 that it had “decided to change its search engine (the service for searching for information on the Internet) and ads platform (its search-triggered ads distribution system) to Google Inc”. It also published the following diagram demonstrating what this means in practice: The diagram makes clear what the words … read more

IPR White Paper Launch: Event Highlights

Following the blog post earlier this week on the launch of the ICOMP White Paper on intellectual property, two videos featuring ‘vox pop’ interviews with the panellists, sharing their views on copyright issues, together with a longer video on the highlights of the event. Both of these can be watched below. Thanks to PRS for … read more

UK event: launch of ICOMP paper on IPR, Copyright House

Following news of the paper’s publication alongside the ICOMP Council meeting earlier this month, Monday evening marked the launch of the latest ICOMP White Paper on intellectual property rights (IPR) entitled Intellectual Property On The Internet: The Search For Sustainable Business Practices. The event, which took place at Copyright House consisted of a cross-industry panel … read more

Germany launches privacy lawsuit against Facebook

Germany’s Data Protection Authority has launched legal proceedings against Facebook amid an alleged breach of data privacy laws. Spearheaded by Johannes Caspar, head of Hamburg’s Data Protection Authority, the legal allegations focus on Facebook’s use of personal data of people who do not have a Facebook account or profile. The social network company recently responded … read more

EC: Google antitrust questions continue

“My services are currently examining some allegations of anti-competitive conduct in relation to search….I am looking at the allegations very, very carefully.” With these words the Commissioner for Competition, Vice President Almunia, concluded his remarksyesterday at a speech in London that had been widely trailed in advance as a significant signal of the Commission’s intentions … read more

ICOMP Launches Intellectual Property White Paper

ICOMP launched its second white paper in Paris yesterday in conjunction with the annual ICOMP meeting. The paper, entitled Intellectual Property on the Internet: the Search for Sustainable Business Practices explores how policymakers and industry can work together to preserve incentives for creativity and commerce online. The complete paper is viewable here: Intellectual Property on the … read more

Google loses its way

For months now, competition watchers (lawyers, journalists, politicians and the online business world), have been waiting to see which of the various competition investigations of Google would take the step to an actual finding. After all, when you are that big and are the subject of multiple investigations, it is only a matter of time. … read more