AdMob Clearance Signals Even Greater Need for Antitrust Scrutiny

ICOMP has published an issue statement commenting on the implications of Google/AdMob deal The statement addresses the widespread concerns that Google has used its dominance in search to foreclose competition in other forms of online advertising have deepened with the news that the US Federal Trade Commission has decided not to oppose Google’s acquisition of … read more

Privacy invasion by design? Challenging Google’s privacy credentials

Many in the US and Europe were surprised when a German official managed to get an admission out of Google that the company had – systematically, over the course of three plus years – collected private information from consumers, businesses and governments over unsecured Wi-Fi networks. In its official blog post, Google admitted that it had … read more gives its perspective on Wi-Fi data spying

ICOMP Council Member,, has published an article exploring the privacy challenges that Google is currently facing with regards to its unauthorised access of user data. Recently, Google admitted to collecting data from unsecured networks without permission. Marc Pinter-Krainer, founder of has offered his views on the issue, noting that: With concerns about Google’s … read more

Being transparent about privacy challenges

Recently, Facebook experienced a technical glitch that resulted in users being able to view live chats of their friends by manipulating the ‘preview my profile’ function. According to The Guardian, the bug was first reported by prolific technology blog TechCrunch. Acknowledging the problem, Facebook promptly switched off its chat function and issued a statement on … read more