The Internet as a powerful tool for democracy

Social networking website Facebook has been working with the Electoral Commission to help get unregistered young voters in the United Kingdom to register before the 20 April deadline. This has been done in a bid to engage people who fail to register, keeping into account the 3.5 million people who were eligible to vote in … read more

Google’s Register of Government Interference

Whether by accident or design, Google launched its ‘Register of Government Requests’ on the same day as Data Protection Authorities from around the world published a letter slamming Google’s privacy practices (see ICOMP’s blog post of 20 April 2010). The Register could be a useful tool and it will be interesting to see how it … read more

Google on the Privacy Rack, Again

Privacy issues have never been very far from the top of regulators’ agendas in recent years (and have appeared in numerous ICOMP blogposts). The challenge has not been to point out that the same rules apply to the online world as to the physical world (which, as with IP rules, is incontestable), but to explain … read more