It is a pleasure to welcome you to ICOMP Voices, the ICOMP blog.

Our intention for this space is to make it a forum for discussion about the evolution of the Internet, how it affects our lives in both personal and professional contexts. In addition to offering our thoughts and opinions, we want to invite organisations and individuals to share their experiences; with a specific focus on what measures can be taken to keep the Internet a safe, competitive and transparent place, in which the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs can prosper.

We’ll also be looking at ‘the news behind the news’, ranging from the consumer and corporate implications of Lord Carter’s Digital Britain Report to the effects of market power on the Internet and how it can harm choice and innovation. Feel free to add your comments and feedback as updates come in. If you’re an academic, government official, statistician, researcher or an analyst, we welcome any documents you have to share on the topics we’re engaged in developing.

I won’t be the only person speaking here; we shall also have contributions from other members of the ICOMP team, our members as well as other voices and experts that we invite to take part in this conversation. If you have perspectives to share but have not yet made contact with us, please get in touch using the contact button below.

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David Wood, ICOMP Legal Counsel