ICOMP and Data Protection

ICOMP has consistently drawn attention to the close links between privacy policies and competition. All else being equal, if consumers value their privacy, which they say they do, they will make their choices at least partly on the basis of the degree to which providers of internet-based services protect that privacy. In the real world, … read more

Another Chapter in the Copyright Debate

Many kinds of creative content are protected by copyright including books, plays, songs, newspapers, adverts and films. Copyright does not have to be registered or applied for – it is granted as soon as the work is created and takes tangible form. For the copyright’s term, the rights holder has the exclusive right to allow … read more

Mozart needs to make a living too

Yesterday, I spoke at a very engaging panel discussion on the digital revolution at the European House in Berlin. This ICOMP Symposium, kindly supported by Europa-Union Deutschland, coincided with the opening of the 59th Berlin International Film Festival – or ‘Berlinale’ as it is known locally. The topic for the discussion – ‘The Digital Revolution … read more


It is a pleasure to welcome you to ICOMP Voices, the ICOMP blog. Our intention for this space is to make it a forum for discussion about the evolution of the Internet, how it affects our lives in both personal and professional contexts. In addition to offering our thoughts and opinions, we want to invite … read more