Founded in 2008, ICOMP is an industry initiative for organisations and businesses involved in Internet commerce, particularly online publishers, advertisers, Internet service and network providers as well as agencies active in online advertising.

ICOMP’s mission is to promote widespread support for principles that are essential to a healthy online environment. Our key goals are to encourage competition, transparency, data privacy, security and respect for intellectual property protection. ICOMP brings together participants from across the Internet to identify and promote best practices aimed at stimulating creativity and innovation and foster an online environment founded on security, respect and trust.

More than 70 companies, trade associations, consumer organisations and individuals have, to date, endorsed ICOMP’s principles. Our members represent countries across Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

ICOMP and its members engage with stakeholders and decision-makers through a wide-range of activities, including conferences, webinars, research, studies, newsletter and blog.

ICOMP is funded by member contributions.

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