Is there enough competition online?

Robust competition online is the essential driving force for innovation, new content and growth is enough being done to protect online competition? Find out more

Do you want your privacy to be respected?

Who should decide how much personal information you share and with whom? How much is your personal information worth? Find out more

Is user-data safe online?

Users’ data should be digitally stored and transferred securely. Valuables are kept locked up and safe at home, so shouldn’t the same be true of online data? Find out more

Shouldn’t creators be rewarded for their creations?

Artists, musicians, writers, software developers – Innovators of all kinds deserve fair reward for their work. Piracy, unauthorised or unfair use undermines investment and incentives to creativity and innovation. Find out more

ICOMP members represent many thousands of organisations across industries as diverse as rights management, publishing, travel, search, mapping and ecommerce. All share a common desire for a transparent and competitive internet that allows innovation to flourish. Click here for more details

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